Second Guantanamo detainee goes on empty trial before military commission

After Hamdan, alleged al Qaeda propagandist Ali Hamza Ahmad Suliman al Bahlul went as second Guantanamo Bay detainee on trial Monday before a military commission. (A third detainee, Australian David Hicks, was convicted in a plea bargain before a trial.) He is charged with conspiracy, solicitation to commit murder and attacks on civilians, and providing material support for terrorism. He is accused of researching the financial impact of the 9/11 attacks and releasing the “martyr wills” of 9/11 hijackers Muhammed Atta and Ziad al Jarrah as propaganda videos.

Maj. David Frakt, announced that al-Bahlul was boycotting the trial, and that he had two specific reasons: firstly, because the judge had repeatedly denied his requests to represent himself, and secondly because he did not wish to be represented by a military lawyer.”I will be joining Mr. al Bahlul’s boycott of the proceedings, standing mute at the table,” said his U.S. military-appointed lawyer, Air Force
Maj. David Frakt.

Excellent background – as usual – here. Washington Post article here.

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  1. […] Posted on 4 November, 2008 by mathiasvermeulen After the driver of Bin Laden now the silent Yemenite media director of Al Qaeda Ali Hamza Ahmad Suliman al Bahlul has been convicted by a US […]

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