G8 Declaration on Counter Terrorism July 2009

The G8 plays a role in the global fight against terrorism primarily through the Roma/Lyon Group, which gathers the G8’s experts on counterterrorism and transnational organized crime, and the Counter-Terrorism Action Group (CTAG). Read the document here.

Some excerpts:

On radicalization and the use of the internet:

An increase in radicalization leading to violence, especially among some vulnerable individuals in our communities, is a source of serious concern to us all. The main goal of terrorists is not only to spread fear and sow the seeds of instability, but also to undermine the basic values of our societies. Special attention must be paid to the abuses by terrorist organizations of both modern and more traditional means of public communication for propaganda and recruitment purposes. In particular, the internet is widely exploited by terrorists to disseminate their radical messages and to plan and facilitate violent acts. We must increase our understanding of the way in which terrorists use these methods of communication, and increase collaboration on countering such abuses.

Therefore, while we stress the fundamental importance of disrupting and prosecuting terrorists, we are convinced that in the long term the most effective response to their criminal strategy remains the promotion of democracy, human rights, the rule of law and equitable social conditions. We are committed to continue promoting a culture of dialogue, inclusiveness, and full respect for diversity – particularly with younger generations – which represents the most effective response to counter those who incite hatred for their violent purposes.

On the role of the UN:

All our actions against terrorism have been, and will always be, based on the fundamental principles set by the UN system. We reiterate our call for countries to join and fully implement all universal counter terrorism conventions and protocols. Moreover, we stress the importance of the UN Global Counter Terrorism Strategy and we welcome its review by the General Assembly in September 2008.

We reject the idea of a trade-off between security and the founding principles of our democracies. The respect for international law and the promotion of the rule of law are fundamental pillars in the fight against terrorism. All States must meet their obligations to implement the UN sanctions regimes, and should strive to do so in a way that promotes fairness and transparency.

On listings:

In this context, we welcome the improvements brought to the UN sanction system by UNSC Resolutions 1730/2006 and 1822/2008. We believe that the G8 can play an important role in promoting and supporting efforts designed to enhance the transparency and the effectiveness of the UN sanction system. To this end, we urge our experts to study ways of more effectively implementing the new obligations under UNSC resolutions 1822/2008 and other 1267/1999 successor resolutions as an important step in bringing about greater fairness and effectiveness of targeted sanctions regimes.


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