Harper refuses to give up detainee documents, says lawyers dictate censorship

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper says it’s up to government lawyers – not him – to decide what potentially explosive information is released about the possible torture of enemy prisoners in Afghanistan.

During the first question period of the new parliamentary session Thursday 4 March, the Prime Minister faced a barrage of demands to turn over all uncensored documents related to the detainee controversy. Harper rejected those demands, setting the stage for a potential constitutional crisis over the privileges of Parliament.

A Liberal MP is planning to introduce a motion, as early as Friday, asking fellow MPs to find the government in contempt of Parliament. The motion would also authorize parliamentary officers to seize all documents pertaining to the question of whether enemy prisoners taken by Canadian soldiers were tortured by Afghan authorities.

Harper shrugged off opposition accusations that he shut down Parliament for almost three months strictly to avoid coming clean on the detainee issue. He also summarily rejected opposition proposals to limit his power to prorogue or suspend Parliament at his discretion.

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff reminded Harper that the House of Commons “passed a motion in December which said ‘stop the cover-up, stop the excuses, deliver the documents.”‘ He demanded that Harper comply immediately. But Harper said “tens of thousands of pages” of documents have already been released and they demonstrate that Canadian soldiers conducted themselves “admirably.”

Click here for more excerpts.

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