EU Council calls states to cooperate “for analysis of the terrorist threat”

The Working Party on Terrorism, established within the Council of the European Union, drafted the “Draft Council conclusions on strengthening cooperation between national bodies or structures responsible for analysis of the terrorist threat”, to be submitted for approval to the Council.

The Draft Council Conclusions invites the Member States to develop “national coordinating bodies or structures (…) for assessment and analysis of the terrorist threat”. Moreover, States are called to “promote interaction, on a voluntary and informal basis, between the coordination bodies or structures, or nominated as such, through regular meetings of their heads and experts to address matters of common interest, in particular:evaluation of the national threat, best practices in the field of data integration, and training of analysts.”


3 Responses

  1. Thanks 4the info,as,in my perspective,people and groups are too much ignorant and also fake:they have not any brief idea regarding the definitions of democracy,nationalism vs.patriotism and real meaning of truthful justice and life,Regards

  2. I’ve already submitted to you my reply. Publish it and distribute it to the U.N. and the P.E. please. Regards.

  3. Thank you all. And now please sign your names for my public petition in the Say No To Violence Against Women org and on my via my domain of Regards.

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