Reform of EU Data Protection law: EDPS calls on the European Commission to be ambitious in its approach

In a speech at the European Privacy and Data Protection Commissioners’ Conference in Prague, the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS), Peter Hustinx, spoke strongly about the need to be proactive in the context of the unfolding debate on the future of the EU legal framework for data protection. The EDPS called on the European Commission to remain ambitious in updating the existing framework to avoid the risk of an increasing loss of relevance and effectiveness of data protection in a society that is ever more driven by technological change and globalisation.

In his speech, Peter Hustinx insisted on the key conditions for an effective legal framework to protect the individual’s personal data in the EU. This includes the need for a comprehensive legal framework to ensure more effectiveness, as well as the following main elements:

  • integration of “privacy by design” and “privacy by default” in information and communication technologies;
  • more accountability for controllers: data controllers should be made more accountable to ensure compliance with data protection rules in practice. This would bring significant added value for an effective implementation of data protection and would considerably help data protection authorities in supervision and enforcement;
  • stronger enforcement powers for data protection authorities: it is essential that data protection authorities have sufficient resources to exercise their monitoring tasks and, if necessary, enforce compliance with data protection rules.

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