Yemen foils several terrorist attacks, Interior Minister

Yemen News Agency Saba reports that the security forces have foiled several terrorist attacks and arrested a number of dangerous suspects, Yemeni Interior Minister Rashad al-Masri said.

Al-Masri unveiled the terrorist who targeted last Monday the convoy of the British ambassador in Sana’a was carrying an explosives-filled school bag.

In an interview with the Yemen Satellite Channel aired on Saturday evening, the Minister of Interior said that the failed suicide bomb had revealed that al-Qaeda in the country suffers a deep state of despair and isolation, adding that the failed attack was a response to recent strikes by the Yemen air forces on al-Qaeda.

Yemen’s air forces have carried out strikes on suspected al-Qaeda hideouts and a training camp, killing several suspected local al-Qaeda leaders.

Al-Masri also said that all suspects involved in the suicide attack have been arrested, confirming that among the arrested were masterminds and financiers of the failed suicide bomb carried out by Othman Ali Noman al-Selwi.

Urging security services to increase efforts and take preventive measures to foil crimes, al-Masri affirmed that the security situation in the provinces of Yemen has been strengthened through displaying a number of highly-skilled security personnel.

“The Ministry will build this year three police stations in the capital Sana’a, where 190 highly-skilled staffs supplied with necessary equipment will work”.

Yemen has stressed that its war on terrorism will be continued, adding it is determined to eradicate completely terrorism from all the Yemeni land.


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