Former Canada terrorism detainee sues government

[JURIST] A Syrian native held in Canada for more than eight years on a national security certificate on Tuesday sued the Canadian government for negligence and false imprisonment. Hassan Almrei filed suit  in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice against the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and the Canada Border Services Agency  seeking $16 million in damages. Almrei was arrested more than eight years ago by the CSIS on terror suspicions. A judge struck down his security certificate in December, finding that the evidence presented by CSIS did not hold up under scrutiny. Almrei came to Canada in 1999 on a false passport and attained refugee status the following year. He is currently seeking permanent resident status.

The security certificate law, used to arrest and deport non-Canadians considered threats to national security, has become controversial in recent years because it relies on evidence heard in secret, and detainees are not informed in full detail of the allegations against them. Earlier in December, it was reported that the Canadian government has begun reviewing its security certificate system. Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan  said the government is considering making significant changes to the law or abolishing it completely. In September, the government withdrew a certificate against Moroccan-born Montreal resident Adil Charkaoui in lieu of subjecting its evidence against him to review in court. Charkaoui is also suing the government.


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  1. Hi:

    Believe it or not I am being force evicted due to terrorist acts in Ontario. It is ridiculous however I am still having to fight the supreme court out of my house and out of fake rental clauses where it says any government can decide the state of mind of individual in their apartment no less.

    I am aware of our human rights and across Canada their are economic rights that were reimplemented by the Human rights system in provincial government.

    The criminal code was removed and a newer version of capitalism and devolution by the Ontario premier was put in.

    I was really happy to see this lawsuit and it is helping me too.

    Karen Dawe

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