Flemish political party files complaint against Sharia4Belgium and Islam4UK

At a press conference of Sharia4Belgium and Islam4UKlast Saturday the group commented on the decision of the Belgian House of Representatives to ban the burqa. “If you take away our sisters’ burqua’s, then you walk a path that will lead to a physical confrontation,” the organisation said. The groups further compared non-Muslims with “pigs and monkeys” and initially planned to organize a demonstration against the ban together with the organisation ‘Muslim Rise’, but the demonstration was banned by local authorities. Representatives of the Flemish right wing political Party ‘Vlaams Belang’, Bruno Valkeniers and Filip Dewinter, said it was “absolutely unacceptable that these fundamentalists should be able to spread their hate speech” in Belgium and therefore filed a criminal complaint against Abu Imran and Anjem Choudary, representatives of respectively Sharia4Belgium and Islam4UK, on the basis of Article 327 of the Belgian Criminal Code.  The right wing party further demanded in its letter to the prosecutor that appropriate steps should be put in place to prevent Choudary from settling in Belgium. Choudary had announced on the press conference that he planned to do this.

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