Court rejects Vedomosti suit against Gryzlov

A Moscow court on Tuesday rejected a defamation lawsuit filed by the Russian business daily Vedomosti against Duma Speaker Boris Gryzlov for accusing the newspaper of siding with terrorists responsible for Moscow metro bombings that killed 40 people on 29 March.
Moscow’s Presnensky District Court did not announce the reasons for this decision Tuesday but will do so within days, Interfax reported. Vedomosti lawyer Vladimir Rumyantsev told the Moscow Times that the court’s decision was ungrounded and that the newspaper was considering whether to file an appeal.

The reason for the trial has been a sentence which Gryzlov said on the 2 April meeting between President Dmitry Medvedev with the leaders of parties represented in the Duma:

 “I would like to give you an example, which personally I find it puzzling. This three facts: the fact of publication in the newspaper Vedomosti “title” Revenge of the Caucasus “, the fact that Article Alexander Minkin in ”Moskovsky Komsomolets“ and the statement of Doku Umarov. If we analyze these three sources, we can see that they actually were boiled in the same juice. It is suspected that these publications and the actions of terrorists linked each other. ”

Gryzlov said that the Vedomosti analysis piece, titled “Revenge for the Caucasus,” and  the Moskovsky Komsomolets article by Alexander Minkin displayed a pro-terrorist stance. Both articles said the bombings were a strategic move by North Caucasus rebels, who had promised earlier to bring war to the Russian heartland.

The representative of the newspaper Vedomosti said in court Tuesday that the sayings Gryzlov can be concluded that the newspaper staff support to terrorists and endorse their ideology.

“The phrases in question cannot be regarded as a statement. It is a judgmental opinion,” Gryzlov’s lawyer Yelena Zabralova said Tuesday.

Last week, the same court rejected a defamation lawsuit filed by Minkin.


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