Experts discuss enhancing cooperation in cyber defense among NATO members

From 26 to 28 May, experts from NATO member states and industry gathered at the 13th NATO Cyber Defence Workshop in Tallinn, Estonia, to look at ways of enhancing cooperation in cyber defence among Allied countries.

They discussed topics such as critical information infrastructure protection, dynamic risks management and help for victims of cyber attacks. The workshop also featured a number of industry representatives to discuss legal aspects of cyber defence, cyber defence related mutual assistance among countries and sharing experiences on cyber defence exercises.

In his opening address, Estonian Defence Minister Jaak Aaviksoo outlined three aspects that are key to addressing cyber threats: national approaches to cyber security; cooperation with private sector actors; and different types of partnership.

Ilias Chantzos (Director Government Relations, EMEA and APJ, Symantec) has an article on Europe’s World commenting on the relationship between cyberdefense and security policy. Quote:

Orchestrating a “defence in depth” approach delivers multiple, agile layers of protection in order to detect, stop and ultimately prevent cyber attacks. It is essential to have a proactive approach on threats in order to anticipate, counter, and attribute them. We also understand that security cannot be limited to the boundaries of a perimeter or of a country – networks know no borders.(…)
NATO is describing cyber threats as an area that requires consideration by strategists and policy makers. European policy needs to further develop so as to adopt a security posture that links the work done in defence with the protection of the civilian critical infrastructure.


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