Torture allegations raised over third British man held in Bangladesh

The Guardian reports that a third UK citizen has been detained in Bangladesh and allegedly mistreated while being interrogated about his associates and activities in both countries, raising further concerns about possible British complicity in torture.

Faisal Mostafa is said by his lawyers to have been subjected to “physical torture, threats, coercion and intimidation” when he was being questioned about his work for the Muslim Parliament in London, about associates in the UK who had fought as mujahideen in Afghanistan, and about fundraising activities in the UK.

The allegations relate to the period of his detention following his arrest in March last year.

Lawyers representing two other British nationals of Bangladeshi origin have said they were detained and tortured while being questioned about terrorism offences, and allege there is clear evidence that MI5 was involved in the mistreatment.

Counterterrorism officials in Dhaka have told the Guardian that, at the request of UK intelligence officials, they have investigated about 12 British nationals of Bangladeshi origin in recent years, and indicated that this was done in a manner that would have been unlawful in Britain. One senior Bangladeshi official said the questions that were being asked about these individuals “could not have been dealt with by British law – because of the question of human rights”. The official declined to elaborate.


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