ECtHR Grand Chamber: prohibition of torture in ticking bomb situation?

In Gafgen v. Germany, issued on 1 June, the ECtHR Grand Chamber, reversing a decision by a Chamber, held that there was a violation of article 3 of the European Convention (prohibition of torture) in a case where law enforcement authorities used the threat of torture in an attempt to extract information from a suspect about someone whose life was believed to be in danger.

The case at hand originated from the application of a German national, who claimed to have been tortured during police interrogation in order to make him disclose the whereabouts of a boy.

According to Professor Schabas this case is “about a close as we can get to the fabled ‘ticking bomb’ situation.


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  1. I testify – I personally was exposed to tortures in Germany…
    During my contacts in Germany with circle of the officials who work with foreigners – representatives of law, medicine, workers of prisons, Courts,
    “Department on Affairs of Foreigners”, “Federal Department on Migration” and so on, I – Russian – personally came across a “collective” – extremely skillfully selected – of sadists and furious nationalists … Their place must be in prisons and madhouses – as prisoners and patients.

    But in Germany exactly they are occupied with foreigners’ matters, they make decisions in questions of another’s health and destiny……. Just those people scoffed at me , subjected me to tortures…..

    About this my story You can read from all of my official documents on the Internet – where they are placed in open access –
    Irina Wickholm

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