US seeks Afghan prison interrogation deal

The United States is seeking a deal with the Afghan authorities to retain the ability to hold and interrogate foreign terror suspects at a special wing of Bagram prison. The wing would be kept under US jurisdiction beyond the scheduled 2011 transfer of power. President Barack Obama’s administration is desperate to find somewhere to hold and interrogate terrorism suspects captured in countries such as Somalia or Yemen, the LA Times reported.

Officials said that suspects from Afghanistan AND Pakistan would be sent to Bagram as well, but be held under Afghan jurisdiction.

Senior Defense officials have expressed frustration that the U.S. lacks
an overseas prison where new terrorism suspects can be held. Some
Defense officials believe the U.S. is often pushed into trying to kill
militants, instead of attempting to capture and question them. Some
detainees can be held by friendly governments in the countries in which
they are captured. But in such situations, American interrogators do not
have control of the suspects.


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