New concerns arise over body scanners

The La Times reports that some security experts worry that the new technology could make it easier, not harder, to sneak weapons and explosives onto airplanes. The technology, although effective against certain threats, is too easily beatable, said several aviation security experts, some with ties to competing products.

 “I think it is a mistake to use this as a primary screening tool,” said Rich Roth, a former Secret Service official now with Maryland-based CTI Consulting. “The things it can miss are more likely to be used as a weapon than the things it can catch.”

Art Kosatka, chief executive of Transecure, a Leesburg, Va., airport security consulting firm, said the machines will not detect material concealed in the groin and in body cavities. “You can get metallic items by that screening technology that you can’t get by metal detectors,” said Douglas Laird, former head of security for Northwest Airlines.

Many security experts have a financial stake in the debate: Laird is now a consultant whose clients include CEIA, a metal-detector maker; and Sela consults for clients that market different security measures.

A consulting firm run by Michael Chertoff, the former Homeland Security secretary and an advocate for the imagers, has represented vendors trying to market the technology, though it no longer does, said J. Bennet Waters, a firm member and former TSA official.

H/T to Georgetown SLB.


One Response

  1. Let me get this right.
    2 million passengers per day (in the US only) for the past 9 years (since 9/11) equals about 6.5 BILLION passengers.
    One nut tries to blow up a plane with explosives in his underwear which failed. (BTW: You can’t put enough explosives in your underwear to down a plane) and now OUR GOVERNMENT want to strip search all AMERICANS at a cost of billions of dollars.

    Odds: 1 in 6.5 billion ? Powerball 1 in 40 million?
    State lottery 1 in 14 million.


    What about the 300,000 killed in car crashes in the same period?

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