Maoists ‘killed’ in India’s operation in Jharkhand

Police in the north-eastern Indian state of Jharkhand say they have killed 10 Maoist rebels.

Eight rebel camps were destroyed during what is being described as a major offensive in the Borahat jungles of West Singbhum district, officials said.

Six policemen injured in the operation were airlifted to hospital, police said.

Authorities have been under pressure following a wave of Maoist-led violence in recent months.

In late May, more than 145 people were killed when a train crashed in neighbouring West Bengal state after Maoist rebels allegedly sabotaged the rail track.

Indian forces launched the offensive in what is known as the “red
corridor” – a broad swathe of territory in rural eastern and central India where the Maoist rebellion has been gathering strength.

Nearly 50,000 federal paramilitary troops and tens of thousands of policemen are taking part in the operation in several states, including Jharkhand.

In April, 76 paramilitary troops were killed in an ambush – the single deadliest attack on the Indian security forces by the rebels.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has described the Maoist insurgency as India’s biggest internal security challenge.

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