First interview with UN listings ombudsman Kimberly Prost

Addressing journalists for the first since time her appointment last month, she said UN sanctions are a “unique mechanism” that cannot be compared to prosecutions for murder, rape or theft in a city courthouse.

“It is not a criminal law process, it is not a national trial process, it’s not an international criminal law process per se,” she said on Thursday. “I don’t believe there’s only one recipe for fairness or rule of law … and I’m anxious to try and take the responsibilities and capacities I have been given towards that fairness and to make it as effective as possible.”

“The objective of this position is to provide individuals, organisations and entities affected by this sanctions regime with an avenue for recourse, in order to provide fundamental fairness to the process and for the overall efficiency effectiveness and enforceability of the sanctions regime,” Ms Prost said.


One Response

  1. Prost said, “it’s not an international criminal law process”? Heavens, what is it then? International administrative law?

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