EU CT Coordinator advocates a comprehensive EU approach to address cyberterrorism

In the paper Gilles De Kerckhove states that in the EU the disappearance of the three Pillars opens the way to have a comprehensive approach to address cyberterrorism, cybercrime, cyberattacks/-war and cybersecurity. The CT coordinator says he “will be in contact with the relevant services in the Commission and come forward with a proposal”.

He also states that

* Member states should quickly come up with a mechanism to implement the solidarity clause in the new Lisbon Treaty (art. 222 TFEU)

* COSI should provide “more detailed information” about the threats the EU is facing to the European parliament, “for example through restricted briefings”.

* The US should be fully associated with relevant Europol projects and Analytical Work Files, and “we should also rise to the challenge of working with the US as equals on issues such as PNR”

* Frontex should be given a limited mandate to process personal data to fight against criminal networks organising illegal immigration

* He is “concerned that we need to develop more flexible ways to use the listing instruments to produce the changes in behaviour that the system was intended to achieve.”


In cooperation with the Commission and successive Presidencies we have developed political dialogues with key countries supporting the implementation of the Union’s first ever international assistance programmes in the CT field. We now have an €15 Million programme underway in Pakistan, a similar €15 Million programme about to start in Yemen and a €10 Million programme in the Sahel. The Commission also started direct cooperation with the UN CTITF, by responding to a request to sponsor action to support implementation of the UN Global CT Strategy in Central Asia. Together with a number of Member States, the Commission is also looking at responding favourably to a request from the UN Counter-Terrorism Executive Director to set up a training facility in Bangladesh [on the successful model of the Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation, which the Commission already supports].

GDK on transparency


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