Taliban Chief Orders Civilian Deaths

In early June, the ISAF intercepted orders from Taliban spiritual leader Mullah Omar, who directed his fighters to kill innocent Afghan civilians. This order is in direct contradiction to Omar’s instructions last year urging his followers to minimize civilian casualties in an attempt to compete with the ISAF’s population-centric tactical directives.

Omar’s newest directive orders his commanders to: fight coalition forces to the death without withdrawing or surrendering, while attempting to capture coalition forces whenever possible; capture and kill any Afghan who is supporting or working for coalition forces or the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan; capture and kill any Afghan women who are helping or providing information to coalition forces; recruit anyone who has access to coalition force bases and has the ability to collect detailed information about coalition forces; purchase or obtain more heavy weapons such as rocket-propelled grenades, machine guns and anti-aircraft machine guns.

“This [order] proves the Taliban are willing to ignore their own Code of Conduct when they sense they are losing influence and control,” said Brig. Gen. Josef Blotz, ISAF spokesperson, “as today’s attack against several Afghan civilians were killed and injured by a suicide attack in a residential area in Kabul today demonstrates.”

Recent insurgent-caused civilian casualty data from ISAF estimates insurgent actions have caused 479 civilian deaths between Jan. 1 and June 30, with 116 of those occurring in the month of June.


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