Renewed guidelines for the 1267 Al-Qaida and Taliban Sanctions Committee

On 22 July 2010, the Security Council Al-Qaida and Taliban Sanctions Committee adopted revised Guidelines for the Conduct of its Work.  The Guidelines were revised in compliance with paragraph 35 of Security Council resolution 1904 (2009), which directed the Committee, “as a matter of priority, to review its guidelines with respect to the provisions of [that] resolution…”.

As part of the revision of the Guidelines, a number of sections have been amended substantially, including the sections on decision-making (Section 4), listing (Section 6), de-listing (Section 7), and reviewing the Committee’s Consolidated List of individuals and entities subject to sanctions measures (Section 10).  In addition, a new section on narrative summaries of reasons for listing (Section 9) has been added.  The mandate of the Ombudsperson established pursuant to resolution 1904 (2009) has also been included in the annex to the Guidelines.  The revised Guidelines furthermore contain some technical improvements introduced with a view to enhancing accuracy and consistency throughout the text.

The Committee trusts that the revised Guidelines will facilitate the conduct of its own work and provide useful guidance to Member States in their efforts to implement the relevant Security Council resolutions, including resolution 1904 (2009).

Related extract from the Security Council Statement on the Kabul Conference:

While confirming the need for a full implementation of the United
Nations Security Council sanctions regime, the members of the Council in
this context acknowledged the intention of the Afghan Government to
engage with the Council and the international community in an evidence-
based and transparent process of delisting from the United Nations
Security Council resolution 1267 (1999) sanctions list, in accordance
with agreed procedures and common Afghan and international


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