23 Accused of Coup Plot in Bahrain

Bahraini officials announced on Saturday that they were charging 23 people, most of them activists from the Shiite majority, with coordinating a violent campaign to overthrow the minority Sunni government.

Prosecutors charged Abduljalil al-Singace, Mohamed Habeeb al-Saffaf and Abdulhadi al-Mokhaidar, as well as two Shiite political leaders based in Britain. The other 18 were believed to have been part of a network accused of planning and executing a campaign of violence, intimidation and subversion in the gulf kingdom, which prosecutors have described as a sophisticated terrorist network with international support.

More than 160 people have been arrested by the minority Sunni
government’s security forces since Aug. 13 under terrorism laws, most of
them linked to the Shiite majority’s opposition political parties and
to human rights groups.


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  1. You see if i had come up with something like this,i would be branded a liar…as william shakespare said…all is fair in love and war… touche no, no, no thank you axelle_rose

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