CIA agent implicated in abuse of high value detainee in secret Polish CIA prison works now as CIA contractor

AP reports that according to several former intelligence officials and a review by the CIA’s inspector general a former CIA officer accused of revving an electric drill near the head of suspected USS Cole bombing plotter Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri inside a secret CIA prison in Poland in late 2002 and early 2003, has returned to U.S. intelligence as a contractor, training CIA operatives after leaving the agency. Adding details to the public portions of the review, the former officials identified the officer as Albert, 60, a former FBI agent of Egyptian descent who worked as a bureau translator in New York before joining the CIA.

Al-Nashiri was captured in Dubai in November 2002 and was taken to another CIA secret prison in Afghanistan known as the Salt Pit – a facility that figures in a separate Durham prosecution of a detainee death in 2002.

Al-Nashiri was flown to still another secret CIA prison in Thailand, where he stayed briefly, then taken to the Poland prison on Dec. 5, 2002, just days after that facility was opened.


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