UN official urges countries to implement all four pillars of UN counterterrorism strategy

Jean-Paul Laborde, who chairs the UN Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force (CTITF), made his appeal as the General Assembly is set begin its biennial review of the strategy tomorrow.

“We all know that hard power measures alone have failed to stop terrorist attacks or at least have not succeeded,” Mr. Laborde told reporters in New York this afternoon.

If just 10 per cent of the investment in hard power was put towards soft power measures, such as fostering education and promoting respect for human rights, “we really can reduce these terrorist threats,” he stressed.

Mr. Laborde, who also serves as Director of the Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force Office, underlined that it is “imperative” that using force to fight terrorism is combined with preventive measures to curb the potential recruitment and training of terrorists, as well as terrorist attacks before they happen.


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