CTITF Basic Human Rights Reference Guides

The first two guides on the stopping and searching of persons and on
security infrastructure have just been posted on the CTITF website. The  Guides are an initiative of the CTITF Working Group on Protecting Human Rights while Countering Terrorism. They have been prepared to assist Member States in strengthening the protection of human rights in the context of countering terrorism and aim to provide guidance on how Member States can adopt human rights compliant measures in a number of counter-terrorism areas. The Guides also identify the critical human rights issues raised in these areas and highlight the relevant human rights principles and standards that must be respected. Each Guide comprises an introduction and a set of guiding principles and guidelines, which provide specific guidance to Member States based on universal principles and standards, followed by an explanatory text containing theoretical examples and descriptions of good practices. Each Guide is supported by reference materials (including references to relevant international human rights treaties and conventions, UN standards and norms, as well as general comments, jurisprudence and conclusions of human rights mechanisms; and to reports of UN independent experts, best practice examples and relevant documents prepared by United Nations entities and organizations.

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