Baader-Meinhof murder trial opens in Germany

The BBC reports that a former member of the radical far-left Red Army Faction (RAF) militant group is going on trial in Germany over the 1977 murder of a federal prosecutor. Verena Becker, 58, was arrested last year for her suspected role in the ambush of Siegfried Buback. Two men escorting him were also shot dead. Police said there was DNA evidence implicating Ms Becker on a letter in which the RAF claimed responsibility.

Although Ms Becker was arrested the month after the Buback assassination, after a shoot-out with police, there was insufficient evidence at the time to convict her of his murder. She was sentenced to life imprisonment for her involvement in six other murders, but was pardoned by then-President Richard von Weizsaecker in 1989 and released. She was re-arrested in August 2009 and charged earlier this year with conspiracy to murder after new forensic technology allegedly revealed traces of Ms Becker’s DNA on a letter by the RAF sent claiming responsibility for the Buback attack.


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