Napolitano pitches plan for air security to 190 nations

The U.S. Homeland Security chief urges 190 nations at the International Civil Aviation Organization to improve aviation security with body scanners and other innovations to stop terrorists from carrying plastic and powdered explosives onto airplanes.The nearly 200 nations that make up ICAO  will agree Wednesday to improve aviation security through better technology and more sharing of information about terrorist threats, ICAO Secretary General Raymond Benjamin said in an interview. Napolitano said she expects the ICAO will issue a joint declaration that will commit 190 nations to strengthen aviation security measures. She said it will be followed up with a series of regional summits that will discuss implementing measures.

Napolitano also said it’s too early to say when aviation officials can lift a ban on liquids on board flights despite international officials saying it could come as early as 2012.

Napolitano told The Associated Press she’s surprised by International Civil Aviation Organization Secretary General Raymond Benjamin’s remarks that security equipment in most airports will allow for the ban to be lifted soon. Napolitano said the technology isn’t ready. “I think that’s premature,” Napolitano said in an interview with The Associated Press.

The European Union says it plans to phase out restrictions on carrying liquids onto planes by 2013.


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