Detainee conversations in Guantanamo Bay were recorded

According to the NY Times, the US government was recording conversations of detainees in Guantanamo Bay.
In the trial of Ahmed Ghailani, a court document referred to the issue.

“The recordings at Guantánamo” revealed Mr. Ghailani to be in “a relaxed state, in which Mr. Ghailani was quite candid with the other detainee,” a court-appointed psychiatrist wrote to the judge after reviewing transcripts of the recordings.

The psychiatrist’s reference to the recordings appears in a court document in which certain sections are blackened out.

The contents of the recordings are classified, and they have not been mentioned to the jury in Mr. Ghailani’s trial, which has entered its third week. But the existence of the recordings, which have been briefly cited in public court documents, suggests that the government has had another source of intelligence about detainees and could someday face the issue of whether such statements could be useful in a civilian court.


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