QIASS study urges Interpol to combat radicalisation

QIASS has conducted an exclusive study titled “Terrorism is a Choice” by a multi-disciplined team of experts that included law enforcement personnel, intelligence and counterintelligence community personnel, researchers and behavioral scientists. The 56-page document urged a more comprehensive approach by security forces, including identifying radical “hot spots” and using moderate clerics and counselors in prisons to try to temper the views of jailed militants.

It also noted that anti-terror “watch lists” can keep former detainees from rejoining society because of restrictions such as blocks on opening bank accounts.

“Often overlooked is the value of understanding the radicalization process at a local level — not just why people become engaged in violent extremism but also how,” said the report. “Capture and detention are just tools; they are not long-term solutions.”

The program manager at the Qatar security studies group, Mark Fallon, said the report did not specifically look at the impact of torture or other tactics used by security agencies, particularly since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

But he noted that former detainees interviewed for the report suggested that fair treatment behind bars was a factor in keeping them from rejoining extremist groups.

“The fact they were treated with dignity and humanely was a positive influence on them once they are in custody and continued to be a positive influence years later when they talked to us about, ‘What got you to disengage from the battle?'” said Fallon, a former special agent for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service and counterintelligence expert.

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