7 July evidence ‘must be heard in public’

The BBC reports that Home Secretary Theresa May has lost a legal bid to force the 7 July inquests to hear top-secret evidence behind closed doors. Earlier this month, coroner Lady Justice Hallett rejected pleas from MI5 and Mrs May to exclude relatives of the bombing victims from certain hearings. Two High Court judges have now upheld that ruling.

NATO members pledge to focus on antimissile defenses and fighting terrorism

New Strategic Concept For the Defence and Security of The Members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation”, adopted by heads of state and government in Lisbon. Read the document here. Quotes:

10. Terrorism poses a direct threat to the security of the citizens of NATO countries, and to international stability and prosperity more broadly. Extremist groups continue to spread to, and in, areas of strategic importance to the Alliance, and modern technology increases the threat and potential impact of terrorist attacks, in particular if terrorists were to acquire nuclear, chemical, biological or radiological capabilities.

12. Cyber attacks are becoming more frequent, more organised and more costly in the damage that they inflict on government administrations, businesses, economies and potentially also transportation and supply networks and other critical infrastructure; they can reach a threshold that threatens national and Euro-Atlantic prosperity, security and stability. Foreign militaries and intelligence services, organised criminals, terrorist and/or extremist groups can each be the source of such attacks.

19. We will ensure that NATO has the full range of capabilities necessary to deter and defend against any threat to the safety and security of our populations. Therefore, we will
* develop further our ability to prevent, detect, defend against and recover from cyber-attacks, including by using the NATO planning process to enhance and coordinate national cyber-defence capabilities, bringing all NATO bodies under centralized cyber protection, and better integrating NATO cyber awareness, warning and response with member nations;
* enhance the capacity to detect and defend against international terrorism, including through enhanced analysis of the threat, more consultations with our partners, and the development of appropriate military capabilities, including to help train local forces to fight terrorism themselves;

Malaysia: IBAHRI Report calls for the repeal of the Internal Security Act used to detain editor Raja Petra

The International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute
(IBAHRI) issued a trial observation report which raises serious
concerns about the effect of the Internal Security Act (ISA) on due
process and rights of defence in Malaysia. The IBAHRI maintains that the
ISA is inappropriate legislation and calls for its repeal. The in-depth
report Malaysia: the delicate balance between security and due process
follows the detention and trial of Raja Petra Kamarudin (Raja Petra),
editor of the online newspaper Malaysia Today, who was accused of
publishing articles on his website which allegedly tarnished the
leadership of Malaysia and maligned Islam.