EU/US agreement on cooperation in the field of security research

The European Commission and the Government of the United States have agreed to enhance cooperation in science and technology research to improve the shared capabilities to protect against acts of terrorism and other threats to domestic and external security. Subsequent to the EU-US Vienna Summit Conclusions of June 2006, there was mutual understanding that greater transparency is needed between the security programmes of the two parties. The Implementing Arrangement for Cooperative Activities in the Field of Homeland/Civil Security Research, signed on 18th November 2010, constitutes a formal basis for cooperation in scientific and technological research. It extends and strengthens cooperative activities in areas of common interest and encourages the application of the results of such cooperation to the economic and social benefit of the parties. The Implementing Arrangement is pursuant to the overarching Agreement for Scientific and Technical Cooperation between the Government of the United States and the European Commission, as extended and expanded to include security research in July 2009.