Wikileaks publishes cable from German embassy to US on El Masri case

The cable reports a discussion between German Deputy  National Security Adviser Rolf Nikel and the US ambassador to Germany on the 6th of February 2007 in which the latter emphasized to Nikel that “issuance of
international arrest warrants would have a negative impact on  our bilateral relationship.”

The DCM pointed out that our intention was not to  threaten Germany, but rather to urge that the German  Government weigh carefully at every step of the way the  implications for relations with the U.S.  We of course  recognized the independence of the German judiciary, but  noted that a decision to issue international arrest warrants  or extradition requests would require the concurrence of the  German Federal Government, specifically the MFA and the  Ministry of Justice (MOJ).  The DCM said our initial  indications had been that the German federal authorities  would not allow the warrants to be issued, but that  subsequent contacts led us to believe this was not the case.
Nikel also underscored the independence of the  German judiciary, but confirmed that the MFA and MOJ would  have a procedural role to play.  He said the case was subject  to political, as well as judicial, scrutiny.  From a judicial  standpoint, the facts are clear, and the Munich prosecutor  has acted correctly.  Politically speaking, said Nikel,  Germany would have to examine the implications for relations  with the U.S.


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