Saudi Arabia expresses frustration on non-refoulement policies of Europe

Cable 09JEDDAH343
describes a meeting between Saudi Second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of  Interior Prince Nayif bin Abdulaziz (reftel), John Brennan,  Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and  Counterterrorism in which Nayif expressed frustration with the limited  cooperation of friendly European nations with whom the  Kingdom has security agreements.

The governments, he  complained, shared information but did not take any action.  As a result, “terrorists roam around freely in their  countries,” and the Europeans have not handed over terrorists.  For example, Ibrahim (Salih Mohammed Al-Yacoub),  a very important suspect involved in the Khobar bombing, was  in Europe.  Saudi Arabia asked several nations to hand him  over as a terrorist who had acted against the Kingdom and the  United States.  Nayif complained that while these European  countries were friendly, had good relations, and shared  interests with the Kingdom, he failed to understand why  Europeans harbored terrorists working against Saudi Arabia in  their countries.  If there were people in Saudi Arabia  working against friendly countries, the SAG would intervene.  Nayif requested USG help in convincing Europe to work more  cooperatively.  Brennan commented that we had similar  frustrations with some countries.


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