Turkey wants to acquire own drones as soon as possible

In cable 09ANKARA1472 from October 2009, the US embassy in Ankara reports that Turkey seeks to aquire, on an urgent basis, its own UAV capability.

administration has made clear at high  levels that we support this
goal, and Turkey has pending  request to acquire armed Reaper UAVs. 
Ultimate approval for  armed Reapers is complicated due to MTCR
obligations and Hill concerns.  However, even if those could be
overcome, the  delivery pipeline for these systems is long, and
Turkey’s  leaders have sought reassurance that we will not pull our 
intelligence support until they can replace it.  We have not  made this
commitment to date.

There’s a cable from 2007 describing PM Erdogan here; a cable on the AK party can be found here, and a damning cable on the ‘truth behind the AKP’s secret islamic agenda here.’


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