EU adopts action plan air cargo security

European Commission Vice-President Siim Kallas set out a 3 recommentations on the EU’s response to the 30 October security alert, when viable explosive devices were found in cargo shipments originating from Yemen and transferring to US-bound flights at airports in Germany and the UK. The action plan can be summed up in three recommendations.

1. New harmonised EU cargo and mail security controls: the Commission will bring forward new legislative proposals in relation to cargo originating from outside the EU. These proposals are likely to include actions to be taken by EU air carriers wishing to bring cargo from countries outside the EU.

There will be further investment in research to improve the performance
of current detection technologies and to come up with new possibilities.
This will be carried out under the EU research framework programme and
other initiatives.

2. Better intelligence and threat information sharing

3. A global approach is needed to improve security. ICAO’s latest revision to Annex 17 which enhances cargo security rules should be swiftly implemented by its contracting states and adequate guidance should be developed and provided to help implement its standards and recommended practices.

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