Gulet Mohamed released after Obama administration was sued over place on no-fly list

Al Jazeera reports that Gulet Mohamed, 19, a US teenager stuck in Kuwait for a month after being placed on the US government’s no-fly list was reunited with his family at a Washington airport. Mohamed claims he was blindfolded, beaten and tortured while he was detained for nearly a month in Kuwait at the behest of the US authorities. His homecoming follows a lawsuit filed earlier this week in the US District Court of Alexandria.

As Mother Jones reports:

There’s certainly circumstantial evidence to suggest that the US was and is involved in Mohamed’s detention. Mohamed and his lawyer say his interrogators possessed detailed information that could have only come from US government sources. Abbas explains in court documents:

The subject matter of the interrogators’ questioning—communicated in English and Arabic—indicates that [the US government] facilitated Mr. Mohamed’s illegal detention, interrogation, and torture. Mr. Mohamed’s interrogators asked him detailed questions about his American siblings, referenced non-public facts regarding his family, and even had information about specific encounters Mr. Mohamed had in Virginia. One of his interrogators claimed to have met Mr. Mohamed at a mosque in Virginia where the two exchanged introductions briefly.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations sued on Mohamed’s behalf seeking an order that would require the government to allow the teenager to return to the US.

But before a judge issued any order, a government lawyer said Mohamed had been released from detention in Kuwait and was heading back home.

(Glenn Greenwald interview with Mohamed here.)

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