EUI Executive seminar on the fight against terrorism

Between 16 and 18 March 2011 the European University Institute in Florence is bringing together several of the world’s leading experts on terrorism and counterterrorism, security, and human rights in order to address crucial aspects of one of the most complex challenges the world faces today: terrorism and it’s root causes. The seminars are public, and there are still some spaces left. You can register here. Please look here for more practical info.

The following speakers will give seminars:

Richard Barett (UN 1267 committee) – The practice and impact of UN terrorist listing under Security Council resolution 1267

Sarah Cleveland (U. S. State Department) “International Humanitarian Law and Security Detention of Suspected Terrorists”

Gabor Rona (Human Rights First) “Past, Present and Future of US Counter-Terrorism Policy”

Allan Rosas (European Court of Justice) “Rule of law and the role of EU Courts: terrorist listing and beyond”

Olivier Roy (European University Institute) “Islamic Terrorism: Between Religious Legacy and Contemporary Forms of Youth Radicalization”

Kim Lane Scheppele (Princeton University) “The New Relationship between International and Domestic Law after 9/11: The UN Security Council Framework for Fighting Terrorism and Domestic Compliance with It”

Martin Scheinin (European University Institute) “Human Rights and Counter-Terrorism – A Global Assessment”

The day before the seminar starts Harold Hongju Koh, Legal Adviser of the U.S. Department of State, will give a lecture at the EUI on the Obama administration and international law.

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