Algerian Senate confirms lifting of emergency rule

The Algerian Council of the Nation (Senate) adopted unanimously President Bouteflika’s order to lift the state of emergency, which announced the official end of a situation that existed since 1992 to fight Islamist violence. Two other orders that were previously adopted by the National People’s Congress (ANP Chamber of Deputies), were adopted as well. The first order confirms that the National Popular Army (ANP) remains in charge for “rescue missions of public order outside emergency situations”, which covers counter-terrorism activities. The other order replaces administrative detention in the Code of Criminal Procedure by a new measure which has to be determined by a judge: a terrorist suspect can now be placed under house arrest for a period of three months. This period is renewable twice. Police custody has now been reduced to 48 hours, renewable only by the prosecutor. Similarly, arrests, searches and wiretapping are henceforth to be done under the supervision of a magistrate.

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