9/11 Ten years on: Detection Technologies and Counter-Terrorism in Europe Conference – Brussels, 7 September 2011

DETECTER (Detection Technologies, Terrorism, Ethics and Human Rights) is an EU-funded FP 7 Security Research project which examines ethical and legal norms governing the use of detection technology in counter-terrorism. The project began in December 2008 and comes to an end in December 2011.  The project has carried out original research on controversial topics, like counter-terrorism data mining programmes, monitoring of Internet activity and the role of technology in pre-entry screening of foreign migrants.  It is also making contributions to debates on how privacy should be viewed in the counter-terrorism context. The project has pioneered private exchanges of views between technology developers, police, intelligence personnel, ethicists and human rights lawyers. These have produced constructive proposals for the modification of detection technology design and use.

On 7 September DETECTER are presenting their findings and recommendations – with responses from key policy makers and industry representatives, including Jeff Jonas, the Chief Scientist of IBM entity analytics group, and Sir David Pepper, former head of GCHQ.
If you are interested in attending or would just like more information please get in touch at detecter@contacts.bham.ac.uk.

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