Thematic Reports

A/65/258 (17-05-2010): Compliance by the United Nations with international human rights law while countering terrorism

A/HRC/14/46 (06-08-2010) Compilation of good practices on legal and institutional frameworks and measures that ensure respect for human rights by intelligence agencies while countering terrorism, including on their oversight

A/HRC/14/46/Add.1 (06-08-2010) Addendum: Written submissions by Governments to the OHCHR questionnaire orelated to the study on good practices on intelligence oversight mechanisms

A/HRC/13/42 (19-02-2010): Joint study on secret detention of the Special Rapporteur on torture & other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, the Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights & fundamental freedoms while countering terrorism, the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention & the Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances

A/HRC/13/37 (28-12-2009): The erosion of the right to privacy in the fight against terrorism

A/64/211 (03-08-2009): A gender perspective on countering terrorism

A/HRC/10/3 (04-02-2009): The role of intelligence agencies and their oversight in the fight against terrorism

A/63/223 (06-08-2008): Right to a fair trial in the context of prosecuting terrorist suspects.

A/HRC/6/17 (21-11-2007): Economic, social and cultural rights in the context of countering terrorism

A/62/263 (15-08-2007): Challenges to refugee protection caused by global measures to counter terrorism

A/HRC/4/26 (29-01-2007): Profiling in the context of countering terrorism + suicide attacks as a form of terrorism

A/61/267 (16-08-2006): Freedom of association and peaceful assembly and counter-terrorism

E/CN.4/2006/98 (28-12-2005): Definitions of terrorism + role of human rights in the review of Member State reports to the Counter-Terrorism Committee

A/60/370 (21-09-2005) Concise outline of the conceptual framework of the mandate

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  1. I am currently researching on the role of gender in – fight against terrorism.

    Any information on this topic is greatly appreciated.



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